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Cigna global health insurance coverage

From more than 30 years, Cigna global has ensured finest health coverage to its members in Dubai, UAE and other areas, globally. It has been securing millions of lives all over the planet by providing medical convenience. They have abundant dealings with medical experts to ensure finest services and full convenience to the clients.

Cigna Global has more than 60 million customers, globally. Over 30,000 employees are always ready to serve of these customers in every way. Also, they hold an abundant association of medical facilities, all over the planet, that ensures the paramount healthcare in every corner of this globe.

The UK based company was established 200 years ago and has spread its operations to over 200 countries. The structure of their services attribute to its immense and rapid growth across the world. Currently, Cigna global boasts of over 90 million members where almost all countries are represented. The fact that it is an international company means it includes people from all walks of life and economic status. Cigna global is renowned for its contribution to life protection across the world. It does not matter where you are; the company has widely spread its services to cover all aspects of health for families and individuals. If you love traveling the world and you do it frequently whether as adventure or as an expat, Cigna global is for you.

When moving to another country

It is always exciting to move to a new country but there can be issues which can cause many hurdles and worries for you. This hurdle is your medical healthcare. But, don’t worry; Cigna is there at your disposal.

Cigna Insurance caters Health plan packages so fulfill your every requirement in each corner of the planet. It is your constant companion from exploration to maintenance. It also makes sure to provide both consultation and admitter care completely. It also takes full care of your budget by focusing just on your prime needs. You can immediately contact us to attain more information about how Cigna can cater to your needs.

The main objective of Cigna is to ensure the well-being and health of its customers, no matter where they are. Their members should convalesce quickly and should be bold enough to face any kind of problems, once they have a Cigna scheme.

UAE Plans joined hands with Cigna to cater to these health insurance plans to its members. You are bound to have a wonderful experience with UAE Plans. We at UAE Plans or Cigna make sure to be available 24*7 for you. You can contact us from anywhere and in any language.

Once your medical procedure gets over and you need to chose for cashless procedures i.e. where you do not have to pay any kind of money and your health facility will bill Cigna right away. By this way it gets very convenient for you. If you settle your bill by hard cash, you will be given a refund by the Cigna in 1 of the 135 listed currencies.

Cigna Global plan

While you are customizing your health plan, a few basic options are available. This choice will support you for treatments while admitting, cancer cure, surgeries and advanced imaging. Whereas, the higher plan will also cover, the maternity and the optical coverage. You can also customize other options as per your requirements and finances.

Cigna Benefits

Premium qualities of Cigna health Insurance plan are as follows-

  • Includes non-admitter procedures including family doctor and medical specialists
  • Offers complete coverage, ensuring security in all kinds of procedures, medications, surgeries and pregnancy
  • Customized global coverage

In addition to these, UAE Plans always have an enterprising internal team, ready to cater you, from enquiries to claims.




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