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Cigna Global Health Insurance Coverage

For over 30 years, Cigna Global offers their members in Dabui, UAE and worldwide a premium health coverage. They have been protecting millions of lives from across the globe by giving medical accessibility, even to the top medical care. They have numerous dealings with medical experts to produce their premium products and been well regarded by their clients.

Cigna Global have over 60 million client worldwide and looking after them, is a workforce of over 30,000 employees, who are ever-ready to serve you. They also have an enormous network of medical facilities worldwide that bring the best form of healthcare where ever you are in the world.


Cigna Global plan

When customizing you plan, there is a fundamental option to begin with. This option will cover you for inpatient treatments, surgeries, cancer treatments and advanced imaging. High levels will give more benefits, such as maternity and optical coverage. Other options can be added according to your needs and budget.

Cigna Benefits

Premium features of a Cigna Health Insurance plan.

-Covers outpatient including family doctor and health specialists.

-Comprehensive coverage, offering protection for all types of treatments, medicines, surgeries and pregnancy.

-Tailored international coverage.

On top of Cigna’s benefits, UAE plans have a proactive in-house team all ready to serve you, from enquiries to claims.




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