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Bupa International in UAE  offers premium travel and health insurance services, providing international coverage for individuals, families, expatriates and companies. Bupa offers tailored solutions, so you can customize your own plan and get your needs fulfilled at your budget. With regards to Bupa Global’s group schemes, you can also get assistance from professionals for optimization of expenses and HR profiles, whether you care living in Dubai or anywhere in the world. This is an excellent way to retain top talents in your company. Giving a health protections give the peace of mind your personnel deserves.

The nature of Bupa International is about living and breathing in the area of area of healthcare. Bupa International offers global health insurance and have over 13 million members worldwide, living in over 190 countries. Serving these over 13 million members is a pool of over 84,000 staff situated in Bupa offices worldwide.

Bupa have absolutely no shareholders and whatever money is made will go directly to making Bupa better in terms of helping customers, whether now or in the future. They have research facilities that helps to strengthen the medical care for their members. Everything that is done by Bupa is guided by one purpose; this purpose is about helping people.

Bupa aspires to be loved as client helper in the area of healthcare, starting with what you want and subsequently finding a solution. When you browse the plans that are offered by Bupa, you will realize their value, delivering services that is truly valued for money. They help their customers navigate the complex world of healthcare. Thus, finding adequate treatments for yourself becomes an easy task.

Bupa have a team who have the ability to love people and ability to deliver what you need, focusing primarily on customer and product performance and fulfilling their promises every day.

Bupa Health Insurance Features

Bupa offers one of the highest level of health insurance you can get in the market. With the Bupa health protection, you can gain access to the leading medical facilities and top doctors in your home country and worldwide. This is accompanied by the highest level of customer support you can obtain in the market.  The company schemes are committed to providing professional healthcare services to you and your family. The expertise and quality of care is not compromised. Whichever day of the week you need us, they are there for you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

As mentioned, Bupa assist their client to the best they can, investing on research to be able to provide the best coverage to each and everyone.  They are highly experienced and they examine everyone’s needs on an ongoing basis, providing a premium global insurance coverage with extensive benefits which you will find useful for your medical needs.

-World-class Round the clock multi-lingual support, easily access from any parts of the world.

The Bupa health Insurance cover is also designed to upkeep your health condition by offering benefits that caters for your regular needs. This includes coverage for chronic conditions, a wide array of pre-existing conditions, health check, dental and etc.

Bupa International premium health policy

As mentioned, Bupa Global provides a comprehensive coverage. This includes:

-Preventive Health Screening – Get your health screening for medical treatments and to upkeep your health

-Medicine Coverage – Be covered for prescribed medications

-Hospitalization and day treatment – Treatment for your hospital stays and/or consultation with a medical specialist

-family doctor – get consultation with family doctor and get covered for it and the medications.

-Coverage for pregnancy, optical, dental and pre-exisiting conditions – Treatments Giving birth process and delivery, maintenance and treatments for eyes and dentist, including orthodontics. Also, certain pre-exisitng conditions like diabetes. Give us a call or email to find out more

You can select any plan of health insurance benefits and coverage that you prefer. We have the dedicated team that is committed to helping the clients in the best possible way. In case that you require more information about the quotes or services, you can contact us.

Cashless Hospitalization service with Bupa

Bupa International Health Insurance services are convenient in the sense that you can go cashless in your treatments. We do all this on your behalf, once we receive the request from your medical facility. Quality, convenience, and suitability of service are our key components.

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