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Allianz Insurance

Allianz Dubai is a leading provider of health and travel insurance, providing a premium coverage that has been designed to meet your needs. Allianz Health Insurance and Allianz Global Assistance (Travel Insurance) has been trusted by the fortune 500 companies together with almost 100 million people from across the globe, including UAE. The reason for their popularity is because of their unique coverage which have been carefully planned with numerous years of experience.

Their name has been growing rapidly across the world, due to their nature in prioritizing clients’ need. Having vast experience, they understand affordability and flexibility in health insurance. Whatever plan you select, the coverage will benefit you, where ever you are in the world.

Health Insurance by Allianz

Allianz Health Insurance have a spectrum of various health insurance plans, excellent for protection of individuals of all ages, be it a child, a senior citizen or a deceased person.  Your health will be protected regardless of your health condition.

You will also get premium benefits during day-care or inpatient treatments. Do not hesitate to get a quote today!


Travel Allianz Insurance

During your travel, incidents or illnesses may occur. Rest Assured, as Allianz Insurance will provide you with the most adequate protection. Your health matters a lot to Allianz irregardless of where you are and what time it is. Get the best medical and non-medical travel insurance today!

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Allianz Insurance has been providing the best services to all their customers around the world. So make sure that you plan your insurance with us so that you can have the coverage planned according to your requirements and budget. We will mix and match the services according to your requirements.