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Allianz Insurance

Allianz Dubai is a pioneer insurance provider in travel and health sectors, offering the most comprehensive coverage to meet your personal requirements.  Allianz health insurance as well as Allianz Global assistance (Travel Insurance) has been used by majority of the fortune 500 companies globally and at present Allianz caters to approximately hundred million clients across the world including Middle east countries such as Dubai, Sharjah and UAE. The sole reason to possess such a vast clientele is the availability of a carefully crafted coverage schemes which has been the product of decades of insurance experience.

Allianz was started in Germany in 1890 and has deep roots within the European continent. They started by offering fire insurance and later broadened their services to motor and health sectors. They possessed over 24,000 employees by the year 1938 and by the year 1990 were firmly established in the Asian region.

At present they serve over 86 million clients with a professional workforce and is in partnership with major companies across the world. It is presently the largest insurance provider in the world with operations in over 70 countries scattered throughout all the continents, where they provide the highest level of insurance care to all.

Allianz faced several controversies throughout the course of time and was severely affected during the course of the Second World War, but was successful to endure all such hardships to reach the present state.

Allianz has spread their brand across the globe mainly facilitated by the availability of customer oriented service packages. Using their surplus experience they have a clear understanding go of the cost and versatility of health insurance. Irrespective of the plan you chose, you would have an excellent insurance coverage which would benefit you immensely.

Health Insurance by Allianz

Allianz Health Insurance provides numerous health insurance plans, providing coverage from the smallest of child to elderly individuals. Your health would be safeguarded irrespective of your general health status. These health plans are formulated keeping your needs at the center, they take special care to listen to your needs and then establish a plan. Individuals representing over 30 countries make up the international staff; these individuals are capable of speaking various languages to provide the best possible customer support.

You will receive premium level benefits within the day or during the course of a hospitalization. Receive your quote today!

Allianz Private Health Insurance Solutions

This is catered to the needs of each individual, family expat or even Corporte groups, Allianz Worldwide provides specialized and professional health care insurance across the globe. Allianz would be there with you throughout the various stages of your life. Permitting you to plan your future from the moment of your birth till the time you retire.

Be at peace by joining Allianz, who has a professional team driven to provide the best possible care made up from 68 different nationalities and speaking 34 languages.

Special Note: Expatriate couples can obtain the best market rates with Allianz. You have the opportunity to use cashless paying systems for convenience by directing the bill to your health care center.

Travel Allianz insurance

You might end up getting sick or meet up with an unfortunate accident during the course of your travels. But, with Allianz you have nothing to worry about as you are comprehensively covered. Allianz makes it a priority to maintain your health irrespective of the time and place. Choose Allianz to get the best possible coverage.

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Allianz has satisfied customers throughout the world by their impeccable service. Chose Allianz to have the best possible insurance coverage which matches your budget and requirements. We would ensure that you receive the best possible coverage through our services.