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Aetna Insurance in Dubai works with specialists globally to ensure the best for their health insurance products for their members. The premium health insurance policy from Aetna Insurance has have a vast track-record, having been protecting millions of clients globally with their comprehensive health benefits schemes. They are considered to be among the top international health insurance providers in the world, and servicing worldwide clients as well, coming from United Arab Emirates (UAE), Middle East and worldwide.

It has been a long time mission of Aetna International to ensure client satisfaction with the health protection and services. Their best interest is for you to stay healthy and this should be your reason to choose the premium services of UAE-Plans.


Medical plans by Aetna International

Aetna International offers leading health insurance plans. Achieved by:

  1. Working with health experts globally.
  2. Providing health insurance policies with worldwide coverage.
  3. Providing tailored solutions, so you can have your needs met at your budget.

Aetna has top notch customer service. Irrespective of your health plan and center or wherever you are in the world, you can contact Aetna for assistance anytime of the day all the days of the week on a hotline. The customer support offers you 170 different dialects thus accessibility and flexibility across the world. Whether you are in a medical emergency or you need medication, be sure to contact the hotline; it is an immediate and reliable response.

Health insurance offers

Some premium features is coverage for pregnancy and pre-existing conditions. With tailored solutions, you pay only for what you needs, while having the 2nd, 3rd and 4th child coverage for free. You can acquire treatments from anywhere in the world and get the proper care you deserve for your health.

Plan with us

So select the best health insurance plan for yourself and your family. We will make sure to provide you with the coverage that you deserve. Understanding your condition we will provide you with the best consultation services so that you will get the appropriate coverage. You will get the best rates and benefits to meet your health condition.  Apart from customizing your health plan to match your budget, Aetna international has an online platform and mobile app for submitting your claims. It provides you absolute convenience that you need from a health insurer.


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